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Image Sizes Manager » Usage
You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for Image Sizes Manager WordPress plugin which functions exactly the same on all themes.


[thumbnail size="your-image-size" /] enables you to easily insert post’s featured image (thumbnail) anywhere in the post in any custom size. If you enter a size that doesn’t exist “thumbnail” size will be used. Using “post_id” you can define a custom post ID. Default value is the current post’s ID.
If you encounter a shortcode name conflict there’s a constant at the beginning of image-sizes-manager.php file which you can edit to change the shortcode name.

Managing custom image sizes

Your custom image sizes
Every custom image size has 4 properties:

  • label – name of the image size used to identify it and to reference it in PHP functions. Please keep the label unique across all image sizes and as simple as possible, no special characters.
  • width – in pixels.
  • height – in pixels.
  • crop – yes/no. Indicates whether the image should be cropped in order to fit into the defined width/height box. If not the image will maintain its width/height ratio but will be resized.

To add new custom image sizes click “Add new image size”. Edit sizes by clicking the pen icon and delete them by clicking the red cross icon. Deleting custom image sizes will not delete the images from your disk.

3rd party custom image sizes
These sizes were created by other themes and plugins. They can’t be edited by ISM and are displayed only for your convenience. Most theme sizes are defined in theme’s functions.php file.

Built-in image sizes
They are displayed for your convenience and reference. You can’t delete them. Editing is done in Options – Media.

Regenerating image sizes for single images

Open your WP Media Library, hover over any image in the table and you’ll see a “Regenerate All Image Sizes” link. Clicking it will regenerate all image sizes for that image. Please be patient until the process is complete.

Regenerating image sizes for all images

Open Media – Image Sizes Manager. Select the image sizes you want to regenerate (checkbox on the far right side of each size) and then click “Regenerate selected image sizes”. The process will start and you’ll see a progress bar indicating how many images have been processed. Please be patient until the process is complete. If any errors occurred you’ll be notified at the end.