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Image Sizes Manager - Take control over your custom image sizes
You are not buying this theme. This is only a preview for Image Sizes Manager WordPress plugin which functions exactly the same on all themes.
  • easily add, edit, delete & regenerate all image sizes
  • manage built-in, 3rd party and your custom image sizes
  • asynchronous, fast, fail-safe image regenerating with a convenient progress bar
  • full WP admin integration
  • native WP admin GUI
  • [thumbnail size="your-image-size" /] shortcode for inserting custom size thumbnails in posts


75 x 75 px, cropped – [thumbnail size="my-size-1" /]


150 x 150 px, cropped – [thumbnail size="thumbnail" /]


300 x 300 px, cropped – [thumbnail size="my-size-2" /]


600 x 600 px, not cropped – [thumbnail size="very-big" /]